At first, Seto Decor was created with the intention to cover provisionally,there where fence or privet had stood, awaiting them to grew. Who has installed it already, considers it a perfect substitute of the natural fence because the advantages that it has:

Advantages as opposed to wood fences, Stick, Networks…

  • It has a similar  aspect to the natural fence, thanks to his texture and its different green tones.
  • It is very easy to install, it is of pleasant tact, nonspider.
  • Good or bad weather do not deteriorate it.
  • In case of fire brezo and the stick burns immediately. SetoDecor does not burn and allows the passage of the air..

Advantages as opposed to Natural Hedge

  • It does not need water.
  • You do not need to cut or prune it each year.
  • It does not undergo plagues of insects.
  • You do not need to wait for years till it grow.
  • It does not occupy any space on your garden.
  • Neither burns, nor rots, nor dies…

Advantages as opposed to other Artificial Hedges.

  • It is made in Spain.
  • Is the #1 Artificial Hedge. Guaranteed Quality.
  • Each roll is made with more rods by meter, which confers a superb consistency and aspect to it.
  • The materials used in their manufacture are of first quality.
  • The wire (of greater thickness of the normal thing) is galvanized to avoid that it oxidizes..
  • The plastic has a tungsten covering that turns unbeatable front to the weather inclemencies.
  • Dense and texturized. We obtain the best aesthetic.
  • It does not seem plastic like the rest of similar products.